50 #4 2013.12.8(Sun)


SpecialGuest DJ:
K.U.R.O (Psyristor trax)
Suriya a.k.a djjr (Araiwa Productions/Phantasm Records)

Guest DJ:
Dalma (forest)

6 (50)
iwa (50)

Free food from “50”. Coming soon.

Date: 2013/12/8(Sun) 16:00-22:00
Venue: LOUVER (B1F, 8-2-25 Nishi-Shinjuku Shinjuku)
Fee: 2000円 (w/ 1drink)
※再入場可(you can re-enter)

(english follows japanese)

50 #4のコンセプトは、”50 meets psychedelic”。豪華異色のゲストDJを招いて、とことんひたすら濃い日曜日です。

スペシャルゲストDJは、K.U.R.O(Psyristor trax)と、Suriya a.k.a djjr(Araiwa Productions/Phantasm Records)の2人。

日本を代表するtranceアーティストであり、technoシーンにおいてもその存在感を発揮するK.U.R.O。タイ出身Koh PhanganでのFull moon party主催をはじめ、ドイツVoov Festival等数々の伝説的なPartyに出演したキャリア20年の超実力派Suriya a.k.a djjr。本当の本物同士の異色共演実現です。






50 presents “50 meets psychedelic” on 12/8 at Louver@Shinjuku with the unique meeting of unusual supreme guests!

Special guest DJs: K.U.R.O(Psyristor trax) ,Suriya a.k.a djjr(Araiwa Productions/Phantasm Records)

K.U.R.O is represent of Japanese trance culture and techno scene with his long career, has been beloved of underground trancers. Suriya a.k.a djjr has his roots in Koh Phangan from Thailand, has organized many legendary parties like Full Moon Parties and New Years Party in Koh Phangan. He is also highly recognized as a DJ in appearance of many parties like Voov Festival in Germany.

Guest DJ : Dalma(forest)
We strive to bring Tokyo upcoming talent, Dalma(forest). He travelled through raves in various parts of the world, and started his career as a dj in 2009. If we dare to, his play style is techno-dub, but it explains nothing till you dance to his profound sound.

And 50 residents DJ, 6 and iwa will take you to the trip to sound diversity.

Louver opens its door on Sunday afternoon as platform for solid dance music. Experience ‘50’ is what you can have only in 50.

We have separation of smoking areas for kids and mum-to-be. Thank you for cooperation

50 (fifty)



“Kannon Sound”という極上のサウンドシステムを備えた”LOUVER”という空間。そこで私達はお待ちしています、partyの主役である皆様を。